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16th Kraków Methodological Conference
The Causal Universe
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The Emotional Brain

Welcome to the website of the 17th Kraków Methodological Conference!

There are various issues connected to the normative dimension of the mind. First, there exists the issue of rule-following: how is it possible that the human mind can apprehend rules and obey or disobey them? Second, there is the problem of normativity: when is a rule of behaviour normative? Third, there is the question pertaining to the basis of the normative mind: whether it is of a psychological or biological character and what are the differences between various kinds of normative reasoning (moral, legal, prudential). During the conference these and related issues shall be discussed by philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists.

The 17th Kraków Methodological Conference: The Normative Mind. Dimensions of Decision-Making is a part of Copernicus Center's for Interdisciplinary Studies research project The Limits of Scientific Explanation. The conference will be the primary event of the project in 2013. All lectures and discussions which will take place during the conference will be recorded and published online after the conference at the YouTube channel of the Copernicus Center.

There is no fee or registration required to attend the Conference.

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